Discover The Feminine Power of Transformation 

With AJ Beaber

The Feminine Power of Transformation

Learn More About Your Mind, Body and Feminine Magnetism
In One 6 Week Program, Than Most Women Learn In a Lifetime!
Learn More About Your Body, Mind and Feminine Energy
In One 6 Week Program, Than Most Women Learn In a Lifetime!
""In order to create what we desire in life, we must first 
ACCESS and HARNESS the life force energy of DESIRE to CREATE. 
This is the power of feminine transformation."
- AJ Beaber
"I was blown away at how easy it is to tap into my light. Now I use my tools with confidence. People in a room notice me, and want to connect with me. They say I have something different. I smile knowing it’s my light that is attracting them to me. I would have never thought it was so easy!"
Mary M.   
Are You Ready to Become the Powerful
Creator You Were Born To Be? 
Ladies, Are You Creating the Life You Desire?

AJ's Mission
AJ is helping women across the globe discover the feminine power of transformation.

Why it matters:
Too many women today are blocking themselves from what they desire most in life due to painful past experiences, limiting beliefs, and/or confining circumstances. Overcoming these barriers is the difference between a life of existence versus a life of growth, creation and contribution.

Hello, my name is AJ Beaber; author, speaker, and founder of Ignite the Light. 
After years of living disempowered and disconnected from my deepest desires, I finally reached a breaking point and decided: no more excuses. Other people seemed to be living a life of abundance. Why not me? 

This one Desire began a ten year search for answers before I eventually struck gold: The power of accessing and harnessing the energy of desire. Discovering these creative techniques has allowed me to create what I desire in life! 

- No more forcing things to happen. (Doesn't always work and contrary to the Feminine Flow)
- No more trying to get rid of limiting beliefs. (Therapy alone or changing one's state may not be enough)
- No more pushing. (Too much masculine energy may drain a woman, leaving her empty or unfullfilled)

The Feminine Power of Transformation is a whole different level of changing your life from the inside out:

- It's magnetic.
- It pulls you to what you desire.
- And it's connected to both a woman's mind AND her body.

I term this magnetic connection the "Light" and it is the same Light I had as an innocent child before all the painful life experiences: limitless and full of joy, creativity and passion. 

Now it is my PASSION to share these teachings with you!

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Women are powerful creators.

I look forward to making a connection,
AJ Beaber
In This Exclusive Program With AJ You Will:
    •  Understand The Dynamics of Feminine and Masculine Energy
    •  Discover The Beliefs That Have Blocked Your Magnetism (And Break FREE)
    •  Discover Your "Missing" Feminine Energy
    •  Balance Your Relationship With Masculine Energy
    •  Break Down The Barriers Between Your Mind And Your Body
    •  Banish The Guilt / Shame Game
    •  Discover The Roadmap To Your Unique Mind Body Connection
    •  Learn How to Make Pain Your Ally
    •  Heal Emotional Wounds To FEEL Your Magnetism
    •  Discover The Hidden Keys To Sharing Your Unique Body Mind With A Partner
    •  Connect With A Partner In Ways You Never Thought Possible
    •  Learn How To Magnetize What You Want In Life
    •  Discover  the Secrets of the Feminine Power of Transformation
    •  Be Confident In Your Self-Worth
    •  Feel Alive And Full Of Passion
    •  Tap In And Turn On Your Creative Energy (At Will)
    •  Master The Law Of Attraction (Starting With Your Own Body)
    • Receive Tools To Monitor Your Magnetism For A Lifetime
    •  And Much More

    Getting To Know Your Body And FEEL Again.

    In this introductory class you are going to identify specifically what creates the FEELINGS of both pain and pleasure in your body. Because once you know how to recognize these FEELINGS you can then control and adjust the levels of this energy in your body, vs. blocking the energy. Most women desire to escape feeling pain, therefore masking the pain by distraction. However by blocking yourself from FEELING the energy of pain, you also block the energy of FEELING pleasure. Therefore you cannot radiate the energy to create what you desire. It is impossible. However, by tapping into both of these FEELINGS and knowing where they reside in your body you will have power to bypass them in our next class together.

    Identifying The Limiting Beliefs And Truths That Set You FREE!

    Once you have identified in your body where you feel pain and pleasure, it is important to see how the mind plays a part in these feelings. In this class you are going to explore your mind, by identifying specifically what is going on in your mind, (the beliefs that have been shaped from your experiences, societal programming, past memories, etc.), BECAUSE only when you identify and understand the CAUSE of these feelings, can you actually deal with the EFFECTS on the body. This segment is about getting to the root of "the weeds" in your mind. You will identify the roots of your inappropriate beliefs and clear the land so that you can plant New and effective roots of the healthy masculine and feminine energy balance you desire!

    Connecting BODY & MIND. 

    In this class you will experience your "aha moment", connecting your beliefs to the FEELINGS in your body. This connection is the essential key to “Knowing thyself”and turning what was once pain into pleasure in the mind, to create the same effect on the body. How wonderful to have your own road map enabling you to connect the two! You now hold the tools to make pain your super power!  Now you are feeling energy, and this is the fuel of your life. Without it you feel dead and empty. With it, you feel alive and passionate! Ready to Create!

    Tapping Into Your FEMININE ENERGY To RECEIVE Pleasure.

    In this class you will chart a road map, your guide to identifing your feminine energy. Once you identify your feminine essence, embodying this energy, you've arrived at the core of your feminine power. When you live from your core energy, you live with passion and purpose! If you are following someone's else's road map you live as someone you are not, perhaps someone you were taught to be. Therefore, you cannot experience the degree of magnetic energy and pleasure you're worthy of,  Here we will create your personal road map to help you arrive at your destination even faster!

    Putting It Into Practice With Your Masculine Energy...Then With A Partner.

    Now that you have identified the feminine energy YOU are, it is important to experience the masculine (opposite) energy in order to ignite the Light!  You CAN NOT do this with the feminine energy alone! In this class you are taught the importance of polarity (a magnetic relationship within), and you'll discover the safe masculine energy you desire. Without the dynamic of polarity there is no charge to ignite the creative, magnetic energy. This is when you put it all together, ignite the LIGHT, and live empowered as the Creator of your life!

    Experience One-On-One Coaching With AJ

    AJ provides examples of strategic one-on-one coaching with students to ensure you achieve the transformation you desire. By doing your part and following these examples you will be able to achieve the same results. 

    You may also upgrade your package to  receive one-on-one personal support, guidance and strategic implementation in the specific areas unique to you.

    Access To The Private "Ignite The Light" Community

    Lifetime access to our private Facebook coaching community to ask questions of AJ and other Ignite the Light  students like yourself. Some of the greatest breakthroughs in ITL come through the interactions and friendships that are developed within this private coaching community exclusively for current and former students.
    "“I now have a life-time community of women sharing a private  support group where I can always find refuge!”
    Debora G. 

    How To Work With Your Light To CREATE The Life YOU DESIRE!

    In this final class you will take the roadmap you've created and discover how to use your masculine and feminine energy for a life of growth, creation and contribution! Now that you've ignited this light, you'll want to apply it to ALL areas of your life! Why? BECAUSE when living consistently in this powerful, pleasurable energy state, like a magnet you attract like opportunities. Therefore, receive these final tools for monitoring your magnetism for a lifetime to Harness your LIGHT and CREATE the life YOU DESIRE!
    "By tapping into my light I have had the opportunity to feel the energy and use it to reduce my anxiety and fear. I know my feminine and masculine energy is with me at all times and by tapping into it gives me confidence when I am unsure. I have also used it in the bedroom to increase the intensity and pleasure with my husband!!!” 
    Julie D.
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    Where do I start? Just Wow! 

    I went through a very hard heart break, a betrayal, something that affected me physically and emotionally! I felt lost and angry.

    As I started the program with AJ I was hoping that she could help me erase that part of my life or completely forget. She taught me soooooo much more than that and I am so thankful.
    I don’t need to delete it from my mind but use this powerful event to connect to ME more ! Spiritually, physically and emotionally!

    She helped me find the road map to understand MY body and MY emotions linked to that painful situation! 
    I am able to turn pain into pleasure! 
    I was able to find the goddess in ME that was inside of me all along!!!!!!!

    So now I have tools to turn pain into pleasure and I am practicing the use of these tools daily !!! Every time I come back to that feeling or memory of pain I am able to turn it RIGHT Back to feeling good! 

    Ps. Also read her book ♥️🙏🏼 it is AHHHHMAZING 
    Honey  s.
    My experience working with AJ was life changing, to say the least! I received many hidden gifts within the coaching I hadn't expected but were huge catalysts in shifting my beliefs. From that space, my relationships have transformed! I am thrilled and grateful to have these tools with me for the rest of my life. 
    Amy v.
    I went into the program bc I wanted healing!
    We went through the program and I was able to find MY SELF again! 
    She showed me that US women have our own tools to turn pain into pleasure ! I was able to learn so many things about myself too 

    I felt I got my MOJO back ha ha ha 
    I am also a business owner and the POWER that I gained back from this not only helped me with MY self esteem but my business is THRIVING! 

    I wasn’t coming into this for my business but somehow all this connected ♥️🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼♥️
    Melina T.
    After 40 years of marriage I found out my husband was cheating on me. 
    I was so angry and never thought at the age of 62 I would ever find another man.
    Working with AJ completely transformed my beliefs!
    Shortly after finishing the program I met my soulmate. We were married a year later.

    I learned true love is possible even at my age, because I learned to love myself.
    Wish I had these tools earlier in life. Every woman should have these tools!
    Deborah D.
    Are You Ready to Become the Powerful
    Creator You Were Born To Be? 
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