Master Intimacy and True Love in Relationships

With AJ Beaber

Learn More About Intimate Relationships In This Comprehensive Course Than Most Women Learn In a Lifetime!
Learn More About Intimate Relationships In This Comprehensive Course Than Most Women Learn In a Lifetime!

"I learned my relationship was missing the balance of my own masculine and feminine energies. This course introduced them back to one another in a powerful way! Now I can tap into this Light anytime to rebalance myself and therefore my relationship...This course is brilliant! I encourage every woman to take this course!"
Sandra M.   
Are You Ready to Ignite the Light in Your Intimate Relationships?

Hello. I'm AJ Beaber. I'm a wife, a mother, bestselling author (over 10,000 copies sold), public speaker, and CEO and founder of Ignite the Light. 

Ladies, do you desire greater intimacy in your relationships?
It is estimated over 70% of women want more love, passion and closer connection in their relationships. If you find yourself in this statistic, you are not alone.

Why do you think so many women struggle when it comes to:

* Developing an intimate relationship, if they are single?
* Maintaining passion and true love in a committed relationship?
* Thriving as a couple and co-creating in abundance?

For years I struggled with intimacy in my relationships. I didn't love my own body and repressed many of my own thoughts and emotions, making it very difficult to share these aspects of myself with others. I existed (not lived) in a space of confusion, driven by fear and a desire to control things. This made it very difficult to feel fully open, alive and present in my relationships. I became sick, saw a myriad of counselors until one day when I ended up on my bathroom floor with a bottle of pills. 

That is until I learned about the principles of polarity and desire - masculine and feminine energy: the foundation of true love. This is not based on gender or societal roles, rather the principles of giving and receiving.

These transformative techniques allowed me to have the greater intimacy I desired.

* No more giving to receive. (Love is not transactional, love is abundant)
* No more trying to get "in the mood" to be intimate. (Changing one's state of mind may not be enough to effect the body and create a feeling of desire)
* No more pushing a partner to connect. (Too much neediness may drain a woman, leaving her empty or unfulfilled)
* No more needing a partner to feel fully open, passionate and alive inside (there is no partner necessary to learn the principles of true Love)

Applying the principles of polarity and desire change an intimate relationship from the inside out: 

* It's magnetic.
* It pulls you to what you desire....and pulls them to you!
* It's connected to both a woman's mind and her body.

I call this magnetic mind/body connection the "Light". Once you know how to access and harness the "Light" within, you may ignite the light in your intimate relationships anytime, anywhere!

No! This is not a course that teaches sexual positions as a means of discovery.

This course gives you the instruction and tools to apply the energetic principles of polarity and desire: the secret of all successful, intimate and loving relationships, including the relationship with the self. 

I look forward to making a connection,
AJ Beaber

AJ's Mission
To help women around the world enjoy greater intimacy, connection and fulfillment in their intimate relationships
In This Exclusive Program With AJ You Will:
    •  Learn the Six Core Levels of Intimacy in Relationships
    • ​ Understand the Stages of Relationship Development: Moving From Dependent, to Independent to Interdependent Maturity
    •  ​Master the Dynamics of Giving and Receiving in Your Intimate Relationships
    •  Connect With A Partner In Ways You Never Dreamed Possible
    •  ​​Discover how "DESIRE" can be ignited anytime, anywhere
    • ​​​ Master the Law of Attraction Starting with Your own Body
    • ​ Discover the Secrets of Feminine Magnetism
    • ​  Feel Alive and full of Passion
    • ​  Be Confident in the Skin you are in
    • ​  Experience the Healing Power of True Love
    • ​ Learn the secrets of power couples to co-create in abundance
    • ​  Receive Tools to Monitor This Trusting and Loving Relationship for a Lifetime!


    Module 1 - What do You Desire? - Breaking through any relationship confusion and Identifying personal goals for your intimate relationships
    Module 2 - Masculine Energy - Identifying masculine influences and roles. Learning the dynamics of giving in relationships
    Module 3 - Feminine Energy - Identifying feminine influences and roles. Learning the dynamics of receiving in relationships
    Module 4 - Know Your Body - Understanding your body's signals of communication in intimate relationships. Why your body may be an obstacle to intimacy and how to overcome it.
    Module 5 - Know Your Mind - Understanding your mind's role in your intimate relationships. Why your mind may be an obstacle to intimacy and how to overcome it.

    Module 6 - Connect Body and Mind to Know Your Truth- Discovering how the mind and body work together in the area of intimacy and relationships. Establishing trust and intimacy within the self first to then express this truth in a relationship.

    Module 7 - Live Your Truth - Applying tools to monitor an intimate, trusting and loving relationship for a lifetime and co-create with ease. 
    Module 8 - Ignite the Light - Applying the six core levels of intimacy. Discovering the transformative and healing power of true love to fully transform the intimacy in your relationships.

    Access To The Private "Ignite The Light" Community

    Lifetime access to our private Facebook coaching community to ask questions of AJ and other Ignite the Light  students like yourself. Some of the greatest breakthroughs in ITL come through the interactions and friendships that are developed within this private coaching community, exclusive to current and former students.
    "“I now have a life-time community of women sharing a private  support group where I can always find refuge!”
    Regina M. 

    Experience One-On-One Coaching With AJ

    In the course AJ provides examples of strategic one-on-one coaching with students to ensure you achieve the results you desire. Included in the online classroom is access to all of our  recorded ITL weekly group coaching calls. By using the tools and exercises found in the course workbook and following these student's examples you will be able to achieve the results you desire in your intimate relationships with ease!

    "By tapping into my Light I have had the opportunity to feel the energy and use it to reduce my anxiety and fear. Tapping into it gives me confidence!! I have also used it in the bedroom to increase the desire, intensity and pleasure with my husband!!!” 
    Julie D.
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    "Where do I start? WOW, Just wow!

    As a single woman, I went through some very hard heart breaks in my relationships, that affected me both physically and emotionally. I felt lost and angry.

    As I started the program with AJ I was hoping that she could help me erase that part of my life or completely forget. She taught me so much more than that.
    I don’t need to delete these experiences from my mind but use them to connect to myself more, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

    Now I have tools for my relationships. I am practicing the use of these tools daily! Every time I come back to a feeling or memory of pain I am able to turn it RIGHT Back to feeling good! Finally I am attracting the right men! Now I have more options than I need to choose from, lol. I know it is the light within attracting it all!!

    Ps. Also read her book! It is amazing!!"
    sara  s.
    "My experience working with AJ was life changing, to say the least! I received many hidden gifts within the coaching I hadn't expected but were huge catalysts in shifting my beliefs. From that space, my relationships have transformed! I am thrilled and grateful to have these tools with me for the rest of my life." 
    Amy v.
    "I went into the program because I wanted healing in my relationship.
    I went through the program and I was able to find MY SELF again! 

    I felt I got my MOJO back!
    I am also a business owner and the POWER that I gained back from this not only helped me with MY self esteem but my business is THRIVING! 

    I wasn’t coming into this for my business but somehow all this connected!"
    Melina T.
    "After 41 years of marriage I found out my husband was cheating on me. 
    I was so angry and never thought at the age of 62 I would ever find another man.
    Working with AJ completely transformed my beliefs!
    Shortly after finishing the program I met my soulmate. We were married a year later.

    I learned true love is possible even at my age, because I learned to love myself.
    Wish I had these tools earlier in life. Every woman should have these tools!"
    Deborah D.
    Are You Ready to Ignite the Light in Your Intimate Relationships? 
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