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Be the best YOU, to bring out the BEST In Your Relationships...
From The Author of "You & I, Inc."
Let's face it ladies, navigating conflict in the area of relationships can be a time consuming, energy draining experience, often leaving you with more questions than answers.

Over 70% of women today struggle when it comes to developing or cultivating an intimate relationship and don't know where to begin.

Ignite the Light provides the tools and training to identify these blocks and resolve the conflict. Giving women clarity and confidence to be their best possible self, to then bring out the BEST in their relationships.
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Hello! I'm AJ...

A wife, mother, author of the book, You & I, Inc. (over 10,000 copies sold), educator and founder of Ignite the Light

Are You Single and Desire to Develop an Intimate Relationship?
Are You in an Intimate Relationship, and Ready To Take it To the Next Level?

For most of my life, I didn't trust men, which made it very difficult to develop intimate relationships. I struggled with conflict between my own thougths and emotions, let alone able to share these aspects of myself with a partner. I tried using several methods to resolve this conflict, yet nothing I did had any lasting effect. 

That is until I learned about the dynamics of polarity - masculine and feminine energy: the foundation of true love. This is not based on gender or societal roles. Rather the energetic principles of the sexes - masculine energy (giving energy) and feminine energy  (receiving energy). The life-force energy inherent within all creation, as taught in publications such as "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and the book, "Song of Solomon" in the Bible. 

Polarity is the energy that fuels thriving relationships, and it starts with the relationship with the self.

By applying these energetic principles of polarity within myself, the protective wall I had built around me came tumbling down. I expereinced true vitality, confidence and charisma. I was glowing from the inside out, and those around me took notice.  Most importantly, with the inner conflict resolved, I was able to show up fully present in my relationships:

* No more giving to receive. 
* No more pushing a partner to connect. 
* No more needing a partner (or a partner to change) in order to feel fully confident, open, and expressive (in fact there is NO physical partner necessary to learn about the dynamics of Polarity or to experience it).

Recognizing how positive and transformative these concepts were in my own life, I decided to share this empowering information with others, and Ignite the Light was born. It is now my passion and mission to help women around the world experience this same confidence and charisma, to BE their best possible self, to bring out the BEST in their relationships! 

Be the light,

 “To trust the love inside of me, is the only way to be set free." 
- You & I, Inc,

In This Exclusive Course You Will:
    • Breakthrough The Confusion, Triggers or Challenges You Face In Relationships., See Why This Conflict Happens FOR YOU
    • ​Be Confident in the Area of Intimacy and Relationships
    • ​Be Magnetic
    • ​Give and Receive With Ease
    • Discover The Path of Relationship Development:  Moving From Dependent to Independent to Interdependent Relationship Maturity
    • ​Learn The Dynamics of Co-Creation and How to Avoid The Pit Falls of Co-Destruction. 
    • Bring Out The Best In YOU, To Bring Out The BEST In Your Relationships!

      “"One cannot teach unless they have experienced the lessons firsthand."” 
    - You & I, Inc.

    Meet Your Instructor

    AJ Beaber is an author, educator and professional mediator with over 20 years experience in conflict resolution. After her own divorce, AJ sought answers on how to deal with the personal conflict she experienced within herself, and subsequently her relationship. As a result, her ten year journey led to a deeper understanding of the mind and body connection. She then combined her findings with her background in mediation to create a program specifically for women called “Ignite the Light”. AJ now works with women from all over the world, helping them to resolve their inner conflicts, to be their best self, and bring out the best in their relationships.

    In her novel, You & I, Inc.: The Connection of Sexuality and Spirituality, Beaber uses her personal experience and the power of metaphor to reveal how women can change their lives through the intimate connection of their body and mind.

    She lives with her husband and children in metropolitan Dallas and gives back to the community through her non-profit: Red Light Love - a 501c3 dedicated to educational outreach for women wounded by sexual trauma, helping them learn how to trust and love again.

    Learn What "Ignite The Light" Can Do For YOU!

    Module 1 | What is Polarity?
    Receive tools to breakthrough any relationship confusion. Clealry identify your goals and desires.

    Module 2 | Masculine Energy
     Learn the dynamics of GIVING in relationships. Access giving energy.

    Module 3 | Feminine Energy
    Learn the dynamics of RECEIVING in relationships. Access receiving energy.
    Module 4 | Know Your Body
    Understand your body's signals and language of communication.  Be present in your body, even when triggered, open to it's honest communication. 

    Module 5 | Know Your Mind 
    Understand your mind's role in the communication of your body.  Be aware of your thinkng to harness this concious energy in order to breakthrough triggers/blocks to polarity and intimacy.

    Module 6 | Connect Body and Mind: 
    Discover how your mind and body work together. Experience trust and intimacy with these two aspects of yourself first, to then express yourself with confidence, vitality and charisma.

    Module 7 | Live Your Truth
    Learn the dynamics of co-creation and interdependent relationships.  Receive tools to implement and monitor these dynamics for a lifetime.

    Module 8 | Ignite the Light 
    Experience the transformative, magnetic  and healing power of polarity. Co-create with ease and BE the best possible YOU, to bring out the BEST in your relationships!

     “"In this course YOU have all the answers. ITL provides the perfect tools and framework to discover just how powerful you really are. Your confidence will ignite the moment you start the course! 
    -  Regina M.

    This Full "Ignite The Light"  Course Experience Includes:

    AJ Beaber's
    8 Module Course
    Get the full personal development course and apply AJ's three step system to Ignite the Light within YOU...
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    Access all of your class notes, tools and teaching in ONE place!
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    Community Access
    Connect with likeminded women in our private women's group and be inspired...
    AJ Beaber's
    3 Months LIVE
    Weekly LIVE classes are held for you to ask your specific questions and get answers to accelerate your results...

    10% Donated To 501c3
    "Red Light Love"

    10% of your investment goes to our non-profit Red Light Love:  501c3 dedicated to educational outreach for women wounded by sexual trauma, helping them learn how to trust and love again.

    Learn more at www.redlightlove.org
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