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 The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation 
of your interspersonal relationships with others.

Self-awareness leads to self-confidence and leadership.

 Yet, most women today, don't know how to look within themselves. 
Why? Because it can appear scary, dark. 
Who knows what could be lurking in the shadows?

Ignite the Light gives you the tools to take this look within,
tap into this unlimited power source you are 
BE the light!
Discover The Light In You...

For most of my life, I struggled with my interpersonal relationships.  Why? Because I didn't know myself. This led to:

*Missing opportunites.
*Staying too long in unhealthy relationships.
*Playing down my strengths, in order to make others feel comfortable.
*people pleasing.
*Avoiding conflict at any cost.
*Draining my energy
*Physical ailments

Therefore keeping me from fully expressing myself and sharing my gifts and talents. 

By playing small, I experienced one painful life experience after another. Each time leaving someone else or something else to blame for my lack of fulfillfment. If only I could catch a break,  If only I was in a better relationship, if only I had more money, a better body, could make my dreams come true...THEN I could have the life I desired and the abundant energy and self=confidence I thought would come with it.

But boy was I was wrong. 

Even after accomplishing these objectives, there was no magical self-confident ME, waiting on the other side. In fact, my energy became even more depleted, my world became even darker and my interpersonal relationships suffered greatly as a result of the sacrifices I made to accomplish my goals.

That is until I learned about the dynamics of giving and receiving energy: An energy source that is directly connected to the giving and receiving patterns in my life. 

By tapping into this renewable, free energy source, my life changed. I expereinced true charisma, confidence and creativity. I was glowing from the inside out and those around me took notice. Most importantly the protective wall I had built within around myself came tumbling down, and I was able to show up fully present in the world; giving and receiving with ease while becoming a magnet to people and opportunities.

* No more giving to receive. 
* No more pushing to connect with others.
* No more being held back by outer circumstances
* No more blaming others for my lack of self-worth or confidence.
* No more sacrificing my values or myself to reach my personal and professional goals.

All that stopped, the moment I saw why the situations in my life were happening FOR ME.

Recognizing how positive and transformative these giving and receiving concepts were in my own life, I started sharing this empowering information with other women, and Ignite the Light was born. It is now my passion and mission to help women around the world tap into this free abundant energy source within themselves, AS themselves, to live the life they desire and BE their personal and professional BEST! 

Be the light,

 “To trust the love inside of me is the only way to be set free"
- You & I, Inc.

In This Exclusive Program You Will:
    • Breakthrough Any Perceived Obstacles. Discover Why They Are Happening FOR YOU
    • ​Stop Any Patterns Blocking YOU From Being Your BEST
    • ​BE Magnetic
    • ​Give and Receive With Ease
    • Discover The Purpose of Interpersonal Relationships  Moving From Dependent to Independent to Interdependent Relationship Maturity
    • ​Learn The Dynamics of Co-Creation and How to Avoid The Pit Falls of Co-Destruction. 
    • ​Tap into the Abundant Energy Source Within YOU
    • ​Turn Any Triggers With Others Into Your Personal Power
    • ​BE Your Personal and Professional BEST!

      “"One cannot teach unless they have experienced the lessons firsthand."” 
    - You & I, Inc.

    Meet Your Instructor, AJ...

    A wife, mother, author of the book, You & I, Inc. (over 10,000 copies sold), and founder of Ignite the Light. 

    With a background in mediation, AJ combined her 20+ years experience in conflict resolution, with the findings from her own life journey to create a program called “Ignite the Light”. A personal development program for women.

    AJ now works with women from all over the world, helping them to be their personal and professional best using her proven tools and training.

    She lives with her husband and children in metropolitan Dallas and gives back to the community through her non-profit: Red Light Love - a 501c3 dedicated to educational outreach for women wounded by sexual trauma, helping them learn how to trust and love again.

    Learn What "Ignite The Light" Can Do For YOU!

    Module 1 | How Energy Affects YOU
    Understand how the giving and receiving dynamics in your interpersonal relationships affects your energy levels  and what you can do about it!

    Module 2 | Giving Energy
     Learn the principles of true GIVING. Identify any underlying patterns that are influencing how you give. Remove anything that is blocking you from GIVING freely! 

    Module 3 | Receiving Energy
    Learn the dynamics of RECEIVING. Identity the underlying patterns that are influencing how you receive. Remove anything that is blocking you from RECEIVING freely.!
    Module 4 | Harness Your Body's Energy
    Know your body's role in the expression of your giving and receiving. Be present with others, even when triggered by what you feel. Use the triggers of the body to work FOR you!

    Module 5 | Harness Your Mind's Energy
    Know your mind's role in the expression of your giving and receiving. Be present with others. even when triggered by what you think. Use the triggers of the mind to work FOR you!

    Module 6 | Connect Body and Mind: 
    Eliminate any confusion or conflict between what you think and what you feel. Tap into the abundant energy source within you. Experience the Clarity, Confidence and the power of Creativity
     to Give and Receive with ease!

    Module 7 | Co-Create With Others
    Learn the dynamics of dependent, independent and interdependent relationships. Receive tools to monitor these dynamics for a lifetime and co-create with others with ease!

    Module 8 | BE the Light 
    Experience the transformative, magnetic and healing power of this abundant energy source within YOU. Master your interpersonal relationship skills to attract people, opportunities that align with YOU! to BE Your personal and professional BEST!

     “"In this course YOU have the answers. ITL provides the perfect tools and framework to discover just how powerful you really are. Your confidence will ignite the moment you start the course! 
    -  Mary M.

    This Full "Ignite The Light"  Experience Includes:

    8 Module Course
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    10% Donated To 501c3
    "Red Light Love"

    10% of your investment goes to our non-profit Red Light Love:  501c3 dedicated to educational outreach for women wounded by sexual trauma, helping them learn how to trust and love again.

    Learn more at www.redlightlove.org
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